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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Loving the Bad with the Good

Self Portrait Challenge! A reminder to not let the negatives in life drag you down! Be nice to yourself, love yourself for who you are. This has always been a challenge for me to love myself whole heartedly, as I am, flaws and all! I've been working on stopping the negative auto response when someone tells me something positive about me. Instead of the instant rolling of the eyes and accusing them of just being nice or lying to me, maybe I can accept it as the truth because MAYBE that's what it is!! It's hard for me to look in the mirror and like the person I see but in the last few years I've actually made myself look at me and it's starting to happen, noticing the positives instead of the instant find a million and one things I hate about what I see! I may never be able to fix the broken in my brain, the old recordings, programming, but I can stop them and replace them with the truth! The truth is...I'm beautiful, talented, loving, kind, worthy, smart and I deserve every happiness and every wonderful blessing I've received in life!
I find it's natural to pick apart and find every flaw we see when we look at a reflection or picture of ourselves! We even find ones that don't exist but only in our heads! I've begun telling myself one positive every time I pass by my reflection. I'm on the road to loving who I am as a person, flaws and all! I'm not perfect...I'm perfectly imperfect and that's OK for me! God loves me just as I am and created me to be me and I'm coming to terms with and really starting to find a peace about the version of ME I'm becoming...the BEST version! We'll never reach perfection and it's not something we should strive to be! Who wants perfect? What fun would life be if we were all perfect? We are who we are because of the broken, cracked, smudged and glued back together pieces of ourselves! It's what gives us character, depth, personality and even though we see the flaws we're still beautiful to more people than we ever realize!

Obsessing over…

Diapers, baby clothes, labor...all the things that are filling my life and my mind as I prepare for the birth of my first child!

Working on…
Remaining calm and trusting my natural ability and confidence in myself to be a good mother!

Thinking about…
The reality that is about to consume my life! I've spent years thinking about it, praying for it, hoping, wishing, crying and wondering what it's going to be like and now that it's really happening I'm scared out of my mind!
Wondering what it's going to be like to give birth and what those first moments will reveal about me as a person and his mommy!

The Big life changes happening! Having a baby, holding him for the first time, looking into his eyes, embracing and taking in every moment of this little life that we've created!

Listening to…

Classical music and the dog chewing on a toy



Wishing the next few weeks will go by smoothly and wishing I could sleep or do anything in a more comfortable manner! Wishing the aching and swelling would go away so I can walk!

Go to her blog and take the challenge! Love yourself and who you are because both the good and the bad side are beautiful!


Katie said...

Getting over tell ourselves all the negative stuff is hard! Sounds like your doing really well with it! I still find myself doing some negative thinking at times, but at least I'm recognizing it. I read a book a while back that I can't remember the name of, but I'll have to find it and reread it (its somewhere downstairs in our "library". LOl) that one of the exercises they have you do is put little notes on stickies and put them in places you'll find it and leave messages for yourself. Like "You ARE worthy" or "YOU are a great MOM!" or "you are kind, gentle, and loving" etc. It does really help!

I can bet you are obsessing about baby stuff at this point!! Have you started "nesting" yet? LOL. Congrats again on the upcoming baby!!

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